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Yermak V.D.
System structure of the psyche

Socionics, system, psyche, model, structure, element of the system, information

Characteristics (properties and parameters) of an element are defined by the system in consequence and in accordance with the objectives which are achieved in advance of the system (tasks, problems). Distinctive peculiarities, characteristics and parameters of a person are defined by society, having performed the certain task, mission in the macro system of "humanity". Analyzing the structure of relationships (stimulus and responses) in the system, it is possible to judge the structure and characteristics of the elements required for the functioning of the system and achieving its intended goals [1], and then to construct the models of elements, by the way of selection their connections and researching the system functioning. Having analyzed the system "person-outside world" from a perspective of systematology (in particular, theory of control), it is possible to identify the structure of the psyche. Below, the background information of structure of the psyche is represented and the structure of the psyche model is shown.