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Socionic designations for types and functions

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How are types, mental functions and informational aspects denoted in socionics? How do the information models of the psyche look - A-model and Ju-model - for the socionic type?

Systems of designation of types of informational metabolism in socionics

symbols letters abbreviation full name of type
IL IL ILE Intuitive-logical extrovert (irrational)
SE SE SEI Sensory-ethical introvert (irrational)
ES IL ESE Ethical-sensory extrovert (rational)
LI LI LII Logic-intuitive introvert (rational)
ET ET EIE Ethical-intuitive extrovert (rational)
LF LF LSI Logic-sensory introvert (rational)
FL FL SLE Sensory-logical extravert (irrational)
TE TE IEI Intuitive-ethical introvert (irrational)
FR FR SEE Sensory-ethical extrovert (irrational)
TP TP OR Intuitive-logical introvert (irrational)
PT PT LIE Logical-intuitive extrovert (rational)
RF RF ESI Ethical-sensory introvert (rational)
PS PS FEL Logic-sensory extrovert (rational)
RI RI EII Ethical-intuitive introvert (rational)
IR IR IEE Intuitive-ethical extrovert (irrational)
SP SP SLI Sensory-logical introvert (irrational)

Symbol for aspect of information flow and relevant functions
I - intuition of possibilities
E - ethics of emotions
T - intuition of time
R - ethics of relations
F - volitional sensory
P - business logic
S - comfort sensory
L - structural logic

A-model for type of informational metabolism (TIM) on the example of ILE

programmI 1L2creative

Ju-model on the example of ILE

I1acceptive, reproductive
L2productive, creative
R3point of least resistance