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Kaupenbaeva Samala, Zhanabaeva Dinarab, Gabitov Tursunc Saule Ibekeeva
National Mentality of Kazakhs in the Context of Ecology Culture: Tradition and Innovation

Kazakhstan needs new innovative ideas and new identification of mentality. Hence, today Kazakh national idea should be transformed into general Kazakhstan’s, Eurasian idea carrying universal and general character. It should reject blind following to globalizational standards and worshipping market as panacea from all disasters. As form of self-consciousness of own cultural originality, national idea differs from concepts such as mentality, national spirit and character. National mentality, as sacred system of spiritual world outlook principles, is not focused on the fixation of cultural psychological peculiarities of nation. Above-mentioned concepts may be united into one term ‘ecology’ of culture or its archetype. Term introduced by C. Jung for identification of ‘collective unconsciousness’, which defines general moments of images of thinking and behavior of definite type of culture. Mental peculiarities of Kazakh culture were thoroughly described (as noticed by scientists it is better to describe mentality, rather than define, since it has virtual character) in works of Kazakhstan’s authors, which were used as source base for
this article

mentality; national spirit and character; national idea and ideology; nomadism; ecology of culture; anticulture; socionics; multiculturalism; dialogue; freedom; psychology; tradition and innovation

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