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Krysko V.
Dictionary of Social Psychology

The term “socionics” is defined by the “Dictionary-Reference Book of Social Psychology” as follows: “Socionics is a science that draws its methodology from sociology, computer science and psychology and is focused on improving society ...”

SOCIONICS is a science that draws methodology from sociology, informatics and psychology and is focused on improving society, in which for each individual belonging to a certain psychological type there is a place in socially useful activity.

According to the provisions of this science, various forms of interaction between people who are in the same social conditions can only be explained by the psychological structures of the contacting individuals. These structures can be congenital or acquired, but they are necessarily stable. With their help, one can explain why one relationship develops with some people, and other relationships with others.

Socionics helps to determine and correctly identify a person’s personality type, build interaction and communication with him, form family, production and other teams.