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Yermak V.D.
Conditionally complete structure of the psyche

Socionics, system, psyche, model, structure, element of the system, information, structure of the psyche, Cital, Supermental, Mental, Vital

The hypothesis of the conditionally complete model of the psyche should be mentioned in connection with the structural model of the psyche. System research of the interaction of the psyche with the outside world shows that the abovementioned structure corresponds to the psyche, as it is said, of a «standard» person. That means the psyche of a person in a relatively normal period of life, when interaction of the psyche with the outside world is caused and provided by individual and personal characteristics of the person (according to the hypothesis - from about the age of 1.5 to 70). However, it is a well-known fact that human mental life arises before birth [1] and comes to an end far beyond the abovementioned conditional boundary of the normal period of life [2, 3]

Some evolutionary scientists have expressed for a long time some conservative assumptions about the presence of «some kind of the psyche» - an elementary brain of the cells but were vigorously opposed by the colleagues and authoritative science because of inability to prove the assumptions . The application of the theory of abstract machine systems to development of a new living being makes it possible not only to prove the hypothesis of cell psyche but also formulate a whole number of nontrivial conclusions of evolutionary theory, psychophysiology, etc. The same is true for the other stage of the age period of human-function as a part of the planetary system «mankind»[1] ... Thus, two more superblocks should be added to the abovementioned psyche structure (see Figure 4)