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News of the International Institute Socionics: events, seminars, trainings, lectures, conferences

Socionics Publishing Center of the International Institute of Socionics offers access to journals on socionics and related disciplines.

The journal covers questions of formation of efficient collectives, selection of the personnel, management, skill conduct business negotiation, definition of human compatibility in family and at work, education and training of children.

Articles from the journal “Management and Personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology” and full journal issues

Articles from the “Psychology and Socionics of Interpersonal Relationships” journal, published by the International Institute of Socionics.

Educational socionics: Information about the journal

Questions of ancient linguistic situation, most ancient language states, theory of monogenesis and polygenesis, the existence of proto-languages, their evolution and formation of known language families, and the works devoted to ancient languages of the Neolithic and Bronze Age origin cultural terms, writing, etc.

Socionics articles, books and journals

Обучение соционике с практическими примерами и упражнениями. Курсы Международного института соционики, сертификат. Изучайте соционику в своем темпе.

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