Piatnitski V.V.
Control emotions and the model of TIM

Control emotions, model A, goal setting, control theory, socionics, function, block, dimensionality, high-dimensional, low-dimensional

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The paper is putting forward a hypothesis that from the viewpoint of the System Socionics the control mechanism of biological systems is realized through emotional states. It is proposed to call such emotions “control emotions”.

Socionics as a science that studies information interaction of psyche with the world is modeling such a goal-oriented activity with help of the model A, using it as a substitute of the psyche. As has been shown by V.D.Ermak [1], model A can be regarded within the paradigm of control theory. From this point of view, psyche must have at least two “buttons” – attraction and rejection, which would be guiding it in its operation, i.e. would effectuate target locking for the benefit of the carrier of the psyche.

In this context we shall understand control as influence of the outside world (super system), which is realized through mechanism of attraction/rejection and serves for direction of a psyche carrier for reaching a certain goal.

Such control is present in the model A at different levels.

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Published: Socionics, Mentology, and Personality Psychology, 2011, № 6

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