Sergij V. Begun, Vasilij V. Begun
Development of nuclear education standards

Nuclear Education, Education Standard, Training, Certification

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If we analyze the causes of severe accidents in the world nuclear industry, we find in most cases common root causes: project deficiency, human error. The fundamental remedy of these root causes is only possible through improvement of nuclear education. Development of the nuclear education standards for the nuclear industry staff and the certification system for teaching staff are proposed. Recommendations with mandatory for the nuclear industry staff disciplines, appropriate knowledge and skills were developed. Propositions for the principles and structure of the certification system for teaching staff are formulated. The risk of emergency situations and accidents in nuclear industry will be significantly reduced.

Safety culture should be studied as a generalization, systematization discipline at the end of the course.
All of listed above categories - industry staff - should have knowledge of:

  1. The structure of the nuclear industry and the general information on nuclear facilities;
  2. Safety management techniques based on risk assessments;
  3. The basic concepts of socionics and sociometry;
  4. Procedures for the analysis of violations at nuclear power plants (nuclear facilities);
  5. Methods of human factor impact assessment on safety;
  6. Psychology of security;
  7. Best practices in the management of the nuclear energy industry;
  8. Components of safety culture at various levels;
  9. The documentary basis of the safety culture;
  10. Methods of safety culture level assessment.
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