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An example of the socionical analysis of the text by the system approach

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This is an example of the socionical analysis of the text by the system approach

Information from these excerptions isn’t enough for the TIM (type of informational metabolism) identification, but just enough for the version of TIM.

We’ve found the indicators of a low dimensionality in the experiential sensing - S, indicators of a high dimensionality and mental type reactions in the structural logic (L) and potentiality intuition (I), indicators of a plus sign function in the potentiality intuition (I) and practical logic (P). Response information element change (RIEC) from the experiential sensing (S) to the structural logic and potentiality intuition. Potentiality intuition (I) and structural logic (L) are value functions and comprise into the ego block. It may be possible that the potentiality intuition is the function 1, it contains the aim of realization, the perception of the world is interpreted through the potentiality intuition. The version of type of informational metabolism (TIM) is Intuitive logical extravert - IL (Don Quixote).

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