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Speaking different languages, striving for the same
Comparing Socionics to the American Type Theory
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For a long time development of socionics was limited by a single country borders, but in 1984 its founder, Aušra Augustinavičiūtė, learned about the MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), and this was the beginning of communication between socionics and its “transatlantic cousin”. Comparison between the American type theory and socionics became possible due to publication in 1995-1996 of several books of American authors: D.Keirsey, M.Bates, O.Kroeger, J.Thuesen, P.Tieger, and B.Barron-Tieger. Although the Source # 1, the theory of personality types developed by C.G.Jung, is the same for the both typologies, there is a serious difference between them in contents and language. Moreover, whereas we pretended that socionics be considered as an independent science and are even sure to have created a new scientific paradigm, the American adherents of the named typology limited application of their typology by just people and their groups and, in my opinion, for this reason are satisfied with a very modest term type watching. I will hereinafter refer to the American theory and practice of studying human types as type theory or type watching.

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